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By 2024, it is expected that half a billion people around the world will be regularly consuming podcasts.


The reasons behind this podcast explosion and why individuals, businesses, governments and organisations are attracted to the medium are manifold.

Monthly podcast listeners grew by 6.1% to 125 million listeners in 2022

From birth, oral communication forms the basis of how we engage with and learn from one another.

From birth, oral communication forms the basis of how we engage with and learn from one another. The conversational nature of podcasting allows for ideas and information to be exchanged and shared. Speech allows for uncomplicated and quick communication compared to the written word. And as an added benefit, podcasts are mostly free for listeners, and relatively cheap to produce.

33% of listeners consume podcasts whilst working and/or studying

In today’s world of remote working and endless to-do lists, podcasts stand in as practical, convenient ways for us to consume and enjoy new information and entertainment. Recent research from the Radio Joint Audio Research (RAJAR) reveals that, in the UK, 33% of listeners consume podcasts whilst working and/or studying, 22% do so whilst driving and a further 10% listen whilst carrying out household chores. In the context of corporate communications, podcasts can be used to train staff and update them on current affairs whilst they carry out other tasks or are on the move.

Start your 'digital campfire' and begin fostering a community.

We believe that podcasts are the ‘digital campfire’ around which individuals come together to do what they’ve been doing since the dawn of humanity: share experiences by telling stories. Podcasts foster communications and connections. They generate intimacy and a sense of belonging and are a highly effective way of connecting to a target audience. Whether in humanising a brand, for internal communications or reaching a niche audience, podcasts are a uniquely powerful tool.

A space to try out new ideas, without breaking the bank

Free from the constraints of big budgets, a podcast is an economical space to try out new ideas and share what’s important. The diversified world of podcasting gives you control over the microphone allowing you to connect with your target audience. Where radio is for broadcasting, podcasts are for narrowcasting, allowing a connection to a specific group – large or small.

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