Podcast Production

If you are looking for professional podcast production designed to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, then Earshot Strategies can help you make compelling and high quality audio programmes.

From conceptualisation to production to distribution, we’ll take care of it all

Earshot Strategies will work with you to develop and fine tune your ideas. Our team of podcast production specialists will prepare scripts, conduct research and locate the right guests. We will then work with you in the studio or on-location to create a professional sounding programme.

The final stage of our comprehensive podcast production service includes editing, mixing and post-production, to ensure your podcast is exactly how you want it to be before it is distributed on the internet.

Earshot Strategies was founded in 2017 by veteran journalist, Richard Miron. Podcasting bridges Richard’s experience in broadcast journalism and strategic communications to craft compelling audio programmes that ensure your brand taps into the power of podcasting.

The golden age of podcasting is upon us. It is expected that podcasts are broadcast quality and the sound should rival podcasts provided by the BBC for example.

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