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Earshot Strategies founded in 2017 by veteran journalist and strategic communications specialist, Richard Miron.

We provide and end-to-end service that includes consultancy, production, promotion and training. From academic institutions, governmental organisations to multi-national corporations, start-ups and professional service companies, we can help.

Managing Director

Richard Miron

Richard founded Earshot Strategies in 2017 and is in charge of running the company and managing its development with clients. He set up Earshot following many years as a journalist and communications specialist. Richard began his career with the BBC as a radio producer and went on to become a correspondent, covering UK and foreign affairs in the Middle East, Balkans and elsewhere. Following Richard's time at the BBC, Richard joined the United Nations, where he was the spokesman for the Secretary-General’s Middle East Envoy. Subsequently he joined the World Bank in Washington D.C as a senior communications official working on global anti-corruption initiatives. Richard set up Earshot to combine his passion for audio with his experience in communications.

Anouk Millet

Anouk is a highly experienced radio and podcast producer. She began working with Earshot almost from the company’s initial beginnings. She’s been responsible for researching, recording, interviewing and scripting multiple shows for clients ranging from Chatham House to Airbus. Previous to Earshot, Anouk worked at Belgium's national radio RTBF and at the European Parliament, before getting her masters in International Journalism in London. Anouk was born in Germany but brought up in France and is fluent in three languages. She recently moved to Berlin, Germany, where she enjoys the fantastic nightlife and too many currywursts!
Podcast Producer and Trainer

Lindsay Riley

Lindsay has considerable experience in producing both audio and video. She’s also worked as a trainer, providing instruction in podcast production and presentation. Lindsay has previously worked for Tortoise Media and had a stint as a freelance researcher on the BBC’s leading current affairs programme, ‘Newsnight’. She has worked with Earshot on projects encompassing subjects from higher education to Middle East politics. Originally from Aruba in the Caribbean, Lindsay studied in Amsterdam before coming to London - not for the weather (!) - but to do a masters programme in broadcast journalism.

Suzanne Benjamin

Suzanne oversees Earshot’s administration and financial matters. She has been with Earshot since the early days of the company in 2018. Suzanne’s work includes liaising between clients, producers and Earshot management to help ensure the smooth running of the company’s operations. She comes from a background in marketing and business administration and possesses a degree in management sciences. Over the course of three decades Suzanne has worked across a variety of sectors including retail, property, charity, and public organizations.

Bringing together expertise in journalism and strategic communications.

Earshot Strategies was created in 2017 by former radio journalist and corporate communications specialist Richard Miron to help institutions and brands around the world make the most of podcasts, as the medium is quickly becoming one of the most cost-effective and impactful way to reach both staff and the public. Richard has extensive experience as a radio producer and a correspondent for the BBC where he worked for 17 years. He followed this by 10 years as a spokesman and senior communications official at the UN and the World Bank.

We bring audio to life from ‘idea to ear’.

We believe that podcasts are the ‘digital campfire’ that enable people to effectively communicate stories, ideas and experiences to targeted audiences through a medium that is both powerful and accessible. We provide an end-to-end service from consultancy, production, promotion to training. From academic institutions, governmental organisations to multi-national corporations, start-ups and professional service companies, we can help.

The Success & Ideas Podcast

Join Richard Miron in interview with guests where he hears about how to create success and ideas. Fascinating individuals from different walks of life talk about their unique experiences and insights. The series asks about success, does it come from good ideas, great leadership, luck or something more elusive?

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